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Olivia Djouadi 

I am qualified to assist in the following areas of trauma:

  • Feeling unsettled due to past experiences.
  • ​Bereavement or loss.
  • All types of maltreatment in childhood, teen or adult years..
  • ​Intergenerational or family based maltreatment.
  • Spiritual maltreatment.
  • Dissociative disorders – I’m qualified to give both the DES and SCID-D

​I also see those who have:

  • ​Medical and health trauma – this includes chronic illness burnout
  • ​Pain disorders.
  • ​Disabilities and autoimmune diseases which can sometimes occur due to the experience of unsafe childhoods.
  • ​Chronic conditions when diagnosed and for those with additional complications due to that condition.
  • ​Survived life-threatening illnesses or situations.
  • ​Those that survived near death experiences.

Member of  

  1. UKCP  United Kingdom of Counselling and Psychotherapy
  2. TAG​     Trauma and Abuse (supportive) Group
  3. ICSA     International Cultic Studies Association
  4. ​ACTO   Association for Counselling and Therapy Online

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